Unlimited Access Restrictions
Although Bitworks allows unlimited access and has no preset cutoff time limit, line camping is not permitted. Bitworks Internet Services reserves the right to enforce time limits on accounts with excessive or consecutive connections exceeding 24 hours.

Setup fees and Hourly account payments are non-refundable. Monthly and 3Monthly accounts may be re-funded half of the payment made if the account is closed within 7 days of the start of the billing period. Monthly and 3Monthly accounts may be re-funded in full if the account is closed within 7 days of the start of the billing period and total connection time to Bitworks does not exceed 5 hours.

The Internet is a truly regulation free environment and there is data and information available on the Internet that is illegal in New Zealand ( and most other countries as well ). We will block access to those sites as we become aware of them.
There are a number of programs available that you can use to limit your childrens' access to objectionable material. Please call or email us if you are concerned about this aspect of Internet Access.
If you lease space on our computers for your own web site, you may not store material that is illegal under New Zealand Law.

You will have heard of computer viruses. We do our utmost to ensure that all material held on our servers are virus free but we cannot guarantee that all material is virus free all of the time. It pays to be safe and we recommend you regularly scan your system for viruses using one of the anti virus programs available.

We endeavour to provide a continuous service. There will be times when there are planned ( and unplanned ) outages due to service improvements, installing new equipment and so on. We will post warning notices on our home page.

We accept payment by MasterCard and Visa. We will debit your account each month and advise you of the account details by email. We will send out invoices for payment by cheque or direct credit if you require. These accounts are strictly on a seven day payment basis unless other commercial arrangements have been made Bitworks will freeze your access.

There are established rules of good manners on the 'net' and we reserve the right to disconnect any subscribers who abuse this etiquette. Spamming and flamming is not permitted .

Credit card information
For security reasons, your credit card information is not held on our computers.

The access rate for each service plan is the minimum amount due.We reserve the right to vary the service plan charges from time to time.